StrobeControl delivers a positive experience to beginning and experienced DJs. It has a preview panel built in the shows exactly what the second display is for ease of operation as well as an automation system that allows the system to run itself through all of the color presets and functions. We have worked hard over the past year to make StrobeControl even more amazing than before.Below is a list of new functions and bug fixes in version 8.5:

NEW Features in

This will be included soon…

Features in

One application compatible with both x86 and x64.

More Improvements to loading speed.

Large preview screen for HD resolutions.

Features in 8.5.227:

Bug fix for resolution warning.

Bug fix for rapid flash warning.

Improvements to loading speed.

New settings & about page designs.

Removed useless Minimal Graphics checkbox from main interface.

New Features in 8.5.220:

Support x86 and x64 Windows Installations

Keyboard shortcuts for interface-less use.

Automatically Updates to new version.

Faster User Interface with new Minimal Graphics mode

Custom colors are saved and loaded on next start up

Automation settings are saved and loaded on next start up

Disables computer stand by and screensavers while running

Shows system RAM & CPU usage in real time.

New Laser Simulation function:

3 colors: Red, Green, Blue

3 modes: Bezier, Triangle, Line

Speed Selection

New Graphic functions:

Real Time Clock

Number Matrix


Strobe can pick colors in sequence or randomly

Automation speed setting unified to on TextBox

Improved Loading Time